Learning From A Toddler

I took down my oldest son’s crib. It seems like it was just yesterday that we were bringing him home from the hospital. It’s hard to believe it was three years ago.

While the time seems to fly, it’s filled with the best memories. Sure, I’ve taught him the ABCs, counting, using manners (OK, so that’s a work in progress). But he’s taught me much more.

As busy as he is, and as busy as he keeps me, he makes me slow down and notice the world around me: the chickadee in the tree, the plane flying overhead, the fish in the creek, the bird nest in a bush.  I love his childlike wonder. And I love that I’ve remembered how to look at the world with that childlike wonder.

Patience is a must for a mother of a toddler. And yes, he has taught me patience.  He has taught me that getting frustrated accomplishes nothing, except getting us both frustrated.

While I like a clean house and the laundry done, I’ve learned that I like a good game of Candy Land better. (Fortunately, he also likes to clean and is pretty good about putting toys away.)

I’ve learned I’m pretty good at building train tracks. Seriously. My basement has a train table, plus two other train tracks set up—complete with ramps. It looks like Union Station.

I’ve learned that every day is a new adventure: whether it is him attempting to make me eggs or finger painting the floor. (Thank goodness for washable finger paint! And how is it a child can wreak such havoc in a matter of minutes?)

I’ve learned that I really enjoy Raffi and Dan Zanes. Is it strange that I don’t mind listening to them when the kids are not in the car? I have also learned that I enjoy watching Curious George at the end of the day.

I’ve learned that a child’s laughter really is the best medicine. I hear his giggle and see his big grin and I melt. Completely.

While this list could continue for pages, I will end with what I’ve learned is the greatest phrase in the world: “Mommy, I love you soo much!”


2 thoughts on “Learning From A Toddler

  1. The learning only continues as they grow into adults. Enjoy every moment at each stage. They’re just as wonderful as the toddler moments.


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