Why I Love Being A Parent

Before you have children, you build up this little ideal world in which you and your child will have many magical moments. Moments of frolicking in the sun and flying a kite, sharing an ice cream cone on a warm summer day, or cuddling under a blanket reading Dr. Seuss. And these imagined moments do come to fruition.

And thanks to Pinterest you can pin thousands of ways to create flawless memories with your children. And I’m not gonna lie, I pin many such items. I pin far more ideas, crafts, and activities than we will ever be able to do, but I like having a stockpile of ideas.

But some of the funniest moments are the ones you never imagine. The following are just a few from my three-year old son.

  • Upon receiving his new book basket with the choo-choo train liner, he looks at me with a bewildered expression and says, “It’s wrong. There’s no coal car.”

He is correct. There is a steam engine on the liner but no coal car. Thanks for pointing out that buddy. Never in a million years would I have noticed. And apparently, the three-year olds working in the sweatshop didn’t either.

  • About once a week he will say, “I want to go to Starbucks.”

Yes, he even knows how to order: either a kids chocolate milk or kids hot chocolate.  Now that Starbucks has started writing your name on the outside of the cup, he has decided to write his name on the side of my reusable white coffee mug. Seriously, we only go about once a week. And while some may view this as a bit sad, I view it as our weekly coffee date. And who doesn’t like a good coffee date?

  • Potty training, without a doubt, brings out the most hilarious sayings….or expressions. Sighs of relief followed by him saying, “That was a big one.”

This is followed by me saying, “No honey, I don’t need to see it. But thank you.”

  • Along with potty training comes using public restrooms and innocent, yet truthful statements, “Somebody had a stinky poopy.”

I really hope that somebody left by the time this was said.

Then there are those tender moments that are so endearing you couldn’t have imagined them.

  • After not seeing my son for several hours I gave him a hug and told him I missed him. He said, “It’s OK. Mommy’s in my heart.”
  • One day I was so sick I could barely get off the couch, and he covered me with his blanket and gave me his special stuffed animal to help me feel better.
  • When he saw I had an “owie” on my hand and he kissed it to make it heal quicker.
  • When asked what his favorite thing in his house is, he states it’s his brother.

When I let life happen and stop trying to create the perfect magical moment, that’s when the splendor of being  a parent is revealed.


7 thoughts on “Why I Love Being A Parent

  1. Your blog post is pretty amusing! It made me smile a couple of times. Thank you for that! 🙂 Your kid is very cute and adorable and you are doing a really good job. This is the part where you will enjoy parenting the most because he is starting to discover the things around him. When my child was 3, he sometimes surprise me with most of the things that he says leaving me with smiles and laughs. 🙂


  2. I too pin a ridiculous amount of crafts projects and fun ideas that honestly, we will probably never do! It truly is the moments that aren’t contrived that most often end up being the best.


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