Kindergarten Roundup

While I sit at my computer, my son sits in a kindergarten classroom a mile away for kindergarten roundup.

Like the other parents who dropped off their child, I’m wondering what he’s doing right now. I wonder if he’s making a friend. I wonder if he’s enjoying himself.

When I filled out standard forms regarding what my child can do, I had a lot more no’s than yes’s.

Can your child say his name: No.

Does your child know his birthday: No.

Does your child know the alphabet: No.

Is your child able to take care of all toilet needs by him/herself: No.

And so the list of questions went. I won’t lie. It wasn’t easy. I observed a gen ed kindergarten classroom yesterday. I fought back tears as I wondered how my son would navigate this environment. Was I wrong in thinking this is even a possibility? Am I just wasting everyone’s time?

I expected to be a blubbering mess this morning. But then my son and I entered the school.

Usually, when the principal says hi my son turns away. Today, he gave him a high five.

My son hates name tags. Today he put it on with no complaints.

My son isn’t always so sure about going over a to a group of kids to play. Today He sat down and played with blocks.

He smiled for his picture. OK. So he loves to get his picture taken. That wasn’t new.

Today I saw a boy excited to do what his big brother does. At his pace.

Today I saw a boy who could adjust to a new setting better than I expected.

Today I saw the blessing that Down syndrome has brought to my life.

Good luck my little buddy. May you bless others the way you bless me.




4 thoughts on “Kindergarten Roundup

  1. Have always loved Luke and his ability to adapt. Hey, if he can rock a bell and dance to get someone to donate to Salvation Army, he can surely rock Kindergarten. Will it be easy…nope. BUT, Luke will find his way to adapt and teach his classmates and teacher a thing or two along the way. While it has been a while since my girl has been in school, this post brought back fond memories. I could once again place myself in your shoes, understanding just where you were coming from. You got this Momma, and Luke will FLY. So happy for the both of you.

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