Enjoy Your Moments

Being a parent comes with a lot of pride. We are proud when our child first rolls over, sits, crawls, stands, walks, says his first word, uses the potty. And these are wonderful milestones, there’s no doubt. But sometimes if we concentrate solely on these big accomplishments, we fail to see the beauty in the small steps that led to the sitting, crawling, and walking.

We parents can spend so much time looking and preparing for the future, that we forget the beauty of just being in the moment.

It’s the beauty in the everyday events that make being a parent so rewarding.

Holding my infant while he gazes into my eyes.
Listening to my toddler sing to himself while he lies in bed.
Hearing the sweet coos while they sleep.
Kissing my baby’s fuzzy head.
Watching my toddler dance to music when he thinks no one is watching.
Holding both my boys while the toddler “reads” to us.
Playing patty-cake.
Singing songs.
Dancing in the kitchen.
Sitting quietly watching the birds.
Smiling at them while they smile back at me.

I will always be excited when a milestone is reached. I’ll burst with pride—for me and my child. But I also will make sure that I’m not so dead set on meeting these milestones at a certain time that I forget to enjoy the little things along the way.

Enjoy all your moments!