United We Stand; Divided We Fall

The election is over. Thank goodness. I really couldn’t handle anymore of the negative ads, false claims, far too much attention given to individuals who make absurd statements, and negative Facebook posts.

You see, I still believe this is a good country. I still believe that Americans can join together for the greater good. But my belief is wavering. We have become so self-absorbed that we can’t look at an issue from someone else’s perspective, at least not without making snide comments. Radio and television shows that glamorize people’s arrogance are hugely popular. The second presidential debate was a complete debacle of two men who acted anything but presidential.

Then there’s the categorizing groups of people to see how to get their vote: the hispanic vote, African-American vote, female vote. Enough already. Can’t people just be people? I’m a woman, but that doesn’t mean all women have the same beliefs or that we all vote on one issue. I’m a christian, but that doesn’t mean all christians vote the same way or on one issue. Please don’t label me. I’m nowhere near that simple.

And then there’s the parties. I’m not sure there is anything more polarizing today then our political parties. Watching candidates blame the other party for all that’s wrong with our country. Talk about a trickle-down effect!

I know divided we fall. But united we stand. That doesn’t mean we all must think alike or have the same beliefs. It means we respect one another. We are civil toward one another. We can have an intelligent debate without playground sarcasm.

I’m not perfect, far from it. But if I want to see change in the world, I need to be that change.

I won’t be part of the fall.